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Hi, I am Marion Dias. As an experienced holistic therapist for some 20 years, I have helped many clients overcome their deep rooted emotional issues and enabling them to move forward with their lives. I am a certified trainer and master practitioner of Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and practitioner of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, EMDR and many other energy healing modalities. I use an integrated therapy process to assist clients achieve the result they want easily, comfortably and quickly with long lasting results.

I also run retreats and workshops in Spain Gibraltar and Sri Lanka.


How can I help you?

As an experienced therapist, trainer and facilitator, I can help you heal up your painful memories, clear out unhealthy limiting beliefs that have held you back and offer you powerful tools and coping strategies to enable you to create your life the way you want to live it from now on.

Some problems/issues or conditions are quite easy to resolve. However sometimes, despite all your efforts including after months or years in therapy, you still find yourself wrestling with a personal problem or issue, or you feel overwhelmed by it. You may even feel that you are stuck with it and cannot move forward with your life and this is where I can make a difference, providing you are determined to resolve it for good and ready to make the necessary changes.

My training and experience allows me to be flexible and to intuitively choose the most appropriate combination of therapy that suit the specific needs of my client. I never have clients come week after week to see me and most get the result they want within a few hours, except for more complex psycho/emotional issues and where physiological illness is also involved.

For more complex issues such as Trauma/PTSD, Cancer, MS, Crones Disease etc, I have developed my own approach; an Integrated Therapy Breakthrough Intensive (ITBI)™, based on my training and experience. In most cases the ITBI is a six hour session in one day. Most of my clients from Europe and Scotland prefer this.

I am a senior member with the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register), British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, American Board of NLP, Time Line Therapy Institute and TFTA.

With some issues I can also offer sessions on Skype. Clients who have seen me for an ITBI to clear emotional issues who are undergoing conventional treatment for a physiological  condition,  I often have Skype sessions for support at various stages of their treatment.

I hold self-healing and personal development retreats in Malaga, Gibraltar and Sri Lanka. I also have some workshops as well as see clients in Gibraltar and  Spain.

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What I specialise in:

I specialise in helping clients release and clear painful emotions such as unresolved: anger, sadness, fear, guilt, jealousy hurt, remorse/regret etc.; attached to their memories as well as anxiety about the future and teach them coping strategies.

Specifically, I also help people overcome Anxiety, Depression, phobia, Trauma and other anxiety disorders, self-esteem issues, relationship breakups, stop smoking as well as counseling in Cancer, MS, IBS, Crone’s Disease


Why and how is my approach different?

My considerable life experiences and most importantly, having seen countless number of clients achieve the results they wanted within a very short time; enable me to help you by addressing the issues from a mind-body-spirit perspective.

My approach is also different in that I help you explore the root cause/s of an issue to resolve it rather than merely address its symptoms.

I use a combination of therapies and energy healing depending on your own specific needs.

Furthermore,  my own experience of successfully overcoming cancer using my own skills have not only taught me the healing power of the therapeutic tools and processes I practice, but also that anything is possible providing you make a 100% commitment to yourself, take full responsibility for your health and well-being and stay focused on the positive outcome you want. I documented my experience in my book: Why Did The Cancer Disappear (Available from Amazon). I am proud to share with you that I have remained free from the illness since 2006. 


My training and qualifications include include:

BSc (Honours) Clinical Hypnosis

Dip.C.Hyp- Practitioner Diploma in clinical hypnosis

Certified Trainer  & Master Practitioner Hypnosis

Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner NLP

Certified Trainer of Mmaster Time Line Therapy™

Other practitioner certifications: Thought Field Therapy/EFT , Matrix Re-imprinting, Hawaiian Energy Healing, Re-connective Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki and Qigong.

I studied my Time Line Therapy™ with Tad James PhD (who developed TLT); Thought Feild Therapy with Dr Roger and Joanne Callahan (who devloped the process) Re-Connective Healing with Dr Eric Pearl (who developed the process); Chi-lel qigong with Master Luke Chan (who developed it); and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting with Karl Dawson (who developed the process) and Pranic healing and Reiki..

Over a period of 10 years I spent 4 weeks every year studying Hawaiian energy healing in Hawaii and  Chi-lel qigong over a month in China.

I have also attended many seminars and workshops led by Dr Bruce Lipton, Greg Braden, Dr Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins,  Dr Joe Dispenza to name but a few, in my quest to continually improve and build on the skills and processes I can offer my clients.

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Fees & Rates

Fees start from £80 per hour for basic integrated therapy up to £200 per hour for  depending on the issues involved.

Fee for ITBI (Integrated Therapy Breakthrough Intensive) 6 hours in one day,  the fee is agreed in advance.

Fees are payable at the time of booking.


For more information and to book, contact: marion@hypno-therapeutiques.co.uk



Marion Dias